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What’s included?

Each pool arrives with everything you need for the duration of your hire including the following:
  • Your professional mini/regular Birth Pool in a Box in its own strong, storage bag
  • One professional grade new, sealed mini/regular birth pool liner
  • Either 10 metres or 15 metres of new, disposable, non-toxic, food grade hose pipe for filling and empyting your pool.
  • Foam panel for placing under the pool to reduce heat loss and help protect the base of the pool
  • Electric inflation pump for inflating your pool and deflating at the end of your hire.
  • A manual foot pump for emergency use in case you wish to add more air to the pool once you have begun filling with water
  • A submersible pump for emptying your pool
  • Three universal tap connectors and a hose connector
  • Power breaker plug for use with your inflation pump and submersible pump
  • A disposable thermometer
  • A disposable mesh strainer
  • Pool handbook
In addition to the standard items provided we also provide the option of purchasing additional liners for users wishing to use the pool before labour and a clear-fit cover for covering the pool during filling.

What is not included?

Though we do supply a foam layer for placing under the liner to protect it from the floor surface we do also recommend using a tarpaulin or large plastic sheet under the pool to protect the floor and surrounding area from water.

A new, clean bucket with a strong handle can also be helpful for adding hot water to the pool during use to help maintain water temperature.

Your local community midwives will often provide a checklist of useful items they ask for you to have prepared for a homebirth. When you are planning to use water for labour and birth this often includes a shatter proof mirror and a waterproof torch. These can be also be purchased at checkout should you require them. The national Homebirth website also has a useful page with lots more great ideas of items mothers have found helpful to have to hand during their labour and birth.

You will also need some parcel tape for sealing the box for return at the end of the hire, ready for returning to us.

What size and weight is the pool?

The weight when filled is 487kg/1017lbs plus the mothers weight for a mini pool and 659kg/1450lbs plus the mothers weight for a regular pool. The measurements for the pool are as follows:

  The Mini The Regular
External dimensions 65" x 57" - 165 x 145cm 76" 65" - 193 x 165cm
Internal dimensions 45" x 37" - 114 x 94cm 56" x 45" - 142 x 114cm
Internal Height 26" - 66cm 27" - 69cm
Depth of Water Min 18" - 45cm
Max 22" - 55cm 
Min 18" - 45cm
Max 23" - 58cm 
Rim Width 10" - 25cm 10" - 25cm
Inflated Floor 2" - 5cm 2" - 5cm

Where can we put the pool?

We would suggest that you put the pool where you feel safest and most comfortable. It is important for both you and your baby that the pool can be kept warm and draught free.  The site needs to be level and clean, with access to a power point nearby for using the inflation pump and again for using the submersible pump to empty the pool. When positioning your pool it is also helpful to remember that midwives generally like to have access to at least two thirds of the pool.

Can I have a pool upstairs/in a flat?

We have hired pools to many customers in flats and first/second floors. Due to insurance restrictions we are unable to comment or offer advice on suitability as this must be at the discretion of the hirer. If you are living in a conventionally built house, that has been well maintained and is not more than 150 years old, then problems with floor loading stress are likely to be minimal. If you do have concerns, then we advise that you seek further advice from a qualified structural surveyor who may need to know that the weight when filled is 487kg or 1017lbs plus the mothers weight for a mini pool and 659kg or 1450lbs plus the mothers weight for a regular pool.

There are some excellent guidelines on the National Homebirth website Waterbirth section with some useful tips on how to establish the best location for your pool if you are using it upstairs or in a flat.

How long are the hoses?

We provide as standard one length of 10m hose. We can also provide a 15m hose instead should this not be long enough or even another 10m to make a 20m hose length. We ask you to check that 10m is sufficient and notify us otherwise at least a week prior to dispatch. 

What tap connectors are provided?

Three types of tap connector are supplied with the pool. They are Universal (designed to fit mixer taps) and the Original funnel shaped connector, with jubilee clip to connect to single taps with smaller spouts and the large round mixer tap connector. These fit most standard taps and mixer taps - please see our page for further guidance .

You may have special taps which will not fit to the connectors, in this case, you may need to think of other taps in the house that could be used, or investigate other systems of connecting hoses to them. There are alternative ways of filling your pool such as filling the bath and pumping the water into the pool using the pump supplied however, direct fill from a tap is always the preferred method.

Is the birth pool easy to set up?

Yes, it is very easy to set up and the handbook provided gives you lots of useful tips and guidance for the best ways to do so. We ask that our customers inflate their pool shortly after delivery to ensure that there is on damage during transit and that they are confident in using it prior to labour. 

How long does it take to fill?

The speed of filling depends on water pressure and the individual boiler. The Mini pool requires about 2.5 full baths of warm water and the regular pool about 4 full baths to fill. It is then advisable to have a new, clean bucket with a strong handle to top up the pool with after filling to maintain water temperature.

Does the room fill with steam?

There will be some steam from the pool when it is in use, however the better heated a room is the less condensation will be lost from the pool. It is important that the room you choose to have your pool in is easy to keep warm and draught free not only to prevent the water temperature reducing too quickly but for the safety of mother and baby too.

Should you have a room with a cold floor, or that has furnishings you are concerned about exposing to moisture we do sell a ClearFit cover for use with the pool during filling.

How do I empty the birth pool?

A properly fitted Pro-Liner will ensure that no water has made contact with the pool body, a submersible pump is then used to empty the pool quickly and efficiently. We provide an industrial grade pump which will empty all but the last few inches of water which can then be mopped up with towels or emptied using a jug. All of our pumps are fitted with inbuilt floating switches and a power breaker plug is also provided for use with the pump.

How are the pools cleaned?

We follow the cleaning protocol as devised by The Good Birth Company for use in the hospital setting. Each part of the pool is tested before it is cleaned and sterilised using appropriate hospital grade chemicals. New, sealed liners and hoses are provided with each hire as are new disposable thermometers and mesh strainers. The inflation pump is tested then cleaned using hospital grade sterile wipes and the submersible pump is tested and cleaned using a liquid sterilising solution. All other parts such as the tap connectors, power breaker plugs and outer transport boxes are also cleaned using sterile wipes.

Can my partner come in the pool with me?

Yes, the regular pool is comfortable for two adults to relax in and also for support during labour and birth. The mini pool however, would not provide sufficient space for the mother and her birth partner.

How much cleaning does the pool require before return?

Birthing in water is surprisingly clean! Due to the design of the Birth Pool in a Box Pro-liners a properly fitted liner, secured within the pool handles, will prevent any water from coming into contact with the pool body making emptying and cleaning the pool quick and easy.
Any debris can be removed using the disposable mesh strainer provided prior to using the submersible pump to empty the water from the pool. We do ask that the pool body be wiped down after emptying using a soft cloth or disinfecting wipes and any returnable parts used such as the pump rinsed before packing.

We never rush our customers into returning a pool and ask that time is allowed for the parts to dry before being returned as this can cause damage to the pool parts, particularly the pool and also may incur a charge from our couriers if a box is to leak water during transit.

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