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Deposit return and refunds/partial refunds

The details of refunds and returns are detailed in your contract which is agreed and electronically signed during the online booking process prior to the beginning of your hire. In doing so you are agreeing to the terms of the contract. Further information of these terms are also detailed here. 

Barefoot Birth Pools strive to ensure all families using our services experience the same high standard of care throughout their hire. Part of this is ensuring that each family is treated equally and fairly with respect to hire costs, deposit claims and refunds.

We encourage all families hiring a pool to check their box and set up their pool within 3 days of receiving it to ensure we have adequate time to identify any potential issues and to provide any additional support required with using your pool. A detailed handbook is provided with clear guidance on how to check the pool, use the pool and return the pool to us at the end of the hire.

Deposit return
It may take up to five working days for your pool to be tested and checked after your pool has been received back and for any deposit refund to be processed. We test all pools and parts before your deposit is approved and any missing, broken or damaged parts will be deducted from your deposit at the cost of replacement.

Guidelines of charges are as follows:
• Pools - returned wet or contaminated/stained - deep cleaning charge £25.
• Pools - returned with unrepairable damage/punctures – replacement cost £50- £100
• Pools - returned without holding straps £10
• Submersible water pumps - returned damaged or without all valves £20
• Inflation pumps - returned damaged or without all valves £15
• Manual foot pumps - returned without pipes/valves £7
• Used hoses or liners returned to us - disposal charges £10 per item

It is very rare that we do need to make deductions from a deposit, and we will always try to resolve the issue with our customers first by contacting them in the case of an item not being returned etc to assist with the return.
Should a deduction be made for an item returned damaged Barefoot Birth Pools will always provide a detailed report with photographs illustrating the damage and will take into consideration the age of the item and any previously recorded wear/tear as detailed in our individual pool records.
When a disposable used item is returned e.g.hose/liner, against the guidance in the returning your pool section of the handbook, the £10 disposal charge per item will however, automatically be deducted from the returned deposit without notice to the customer.

Refunds/partial refunds
As stated in our Terms and Conditions of hire we do not offer refunds or partial refunds for hire pools returned unused. We are unable to refund an item that has not been purchased and is included with your hire such as unused liners or hoses but do, of course, offer a full refund for any additional items purchased with the pool hire if they are returned un-opened/un-used such as pool covers, birth mirrors or additional liners.

Barefoot Birth Pools agrees to refund in full all products purchased in addition to your hire that have been returned, unused within 14 days of receipt unless for hygiene reasons we are unable to do so (items falling in this category have the exception to the policy noted in the product description).  In the unlikely event of an item purchased via Barefoot Birth Pools being faulty, we will of course, send a replacement product immediately to you.

Please use the contact information detailed below to arrange refund or replacement of any products or to discuss any of our policies further.

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