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Before your pool is dispatched please check that the supplied tap connectors and standard 10m hose length are sufficient for your needs. Should you require the large square tap connector, an additional hose or a new submersible water pump to be dispatched after your pool has arrived the cost of delivering additional items will be charged to your deposit.

We supply the standard three universal tap connectors with our pools. Please check that one of these is suitable for your tap prior to pool dispatch.



The above three connectors are sent as standard with all pool hires. There is one more tap connector we can send when requested in the additional notes field – the Large Square Tap Connector suited for large square headed mixer taps.


If you have bespoke/designer tap fittings that do not accommodate any of the four tap connectors available you will need to consider filling from an alternative tap e.g. a bathroom or cloakroom.  We supply 10m of hose as standard but you can order a longer 15m length or alternatively a second 10m hose to increase the overall hose length to 20m to enable filling from another location.

Should your alternative tap fitting not fit any of the above four tap connectors and there are no further options to fill the pool we can supply a brand new, unused submersible water pump to pump the water from a clean bucket/dish bowl into the pool*. This should only be used with a brand new pump and where all other alternatives have been exhausted. Should you require a new submersible water pump for this purpose please ensure that you have added this to the additional notes field.  
*Please be aware this can increase the filling time of the pool.
Please be reminded that whilst we supply the standard equipment required for using your hire pool that it is your responsibility to check the suitability of these items prior to dispatch and to source any specialist/non-standard items required for use.

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